I am or have been a writer, museum director, runner, blogger, baker-of-gingerbread-houses, teacher, researcher, scientist, grantwriter, assistant cheesemaker, reader, stained glass crafter, microbrew aficionado, world traveler, study abroad advisor, cyclist, and journalist. I live or have lived in Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.

I am currently embarking upon a sabbatical of sorts, supported by mi esposo, Bugman (so nicknamed in my blogs for his entomological interests and career path), in reciprocity for my support of him during his graduate and postgraduate studies.

I intend to read, to write, to question, to think, and to publish.

In addition to this KT Bradshaw blog, I’m writing SCB Citizen, Wyobraska Tandem, and The Life Work Blog. To read those last three blogs, click on the gear icon at the top right side of the page, and the drop-down menu will show links to the most recent posts for each of blog.

Vive l’ecriture


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