They all have a story

I very much agreed with this sentiment by Valerie Cabrera, posted today on The Loft Literary Center’s “The Writers Block” blog:

The people I talk to are usually normal moms, high school seniors, kids who love sports, gardening grandmothers, restaurant managers, etc. They all lead pretty normal day-to-day lives. And they all have a story. 

I found this to be true when I was working as a newspaper reporter. My favorite type of assignment was a profile – everyone has something fascinating to share. The trick is to find your way to it.

The key is to develop trust.

You know that personality-quiz-type question, “If you could develop a superpower, what would it be?”

I’d like to have the power to win instant trust from everyone I met. I’m sure that has something to do with my need to be liked, but, boy, what a boon that would be for an interviewer!

A key to developing trust is to check your ego at the door and listen to a person. Really listen. With empathy. Without judgment.

It’s one of the skills I’ll need to make my interview project at The Life Work Blog come alive.


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